Master Huang Yong Yi

Our Chief Consultant

Influenced by his grandparents, Master Huang have been interested in Chinese culture and Eastern philosophy at a very young age. Been reading into classics like Tao Te Ching, I Ching, Art of War and Buddhism since his secondary school days.
Have been interested in Chinese Metaphysics for over 30 years, and have studied under renowned masters from China, Taiwan as well as from Singapore.
Master Huang runs several successful businesses in the past and have raised 3 successful children. Upon his retirement, near a decade ago, he is into his passion of Chinese metaphysics.

Master Huang is a practitioner to take seriously his work into his own life. Like a good doctor, he believe one should treat and heal the others like how he will heal himself.
His logical and down to earth understanding of the subject matter is as follows:

” Fengshui works, whether you believe in it or not, because of the fact that we are vibrational beings, and everything in this cosmos is energy in motion”
But “The space you occupy influence and impact about 30% of your life, therefore fengshui is not a “magic cure” for all your woes in your life”

” Your blue-print–your destiny– when the energy of the cosmos connect and comes into alignment with your physical energy upon your first breath into this universe, — that will guild another 30% of your life”

” Your choices, your perception, your attitude , your free will contribute to another 30% of your life’s outcome.”

And all three are inter-connected, only by understanding them can you maximize your life’s potential.

“It’s about Context, and not about Content. Is about shifting Context, not about re-arranging the content”

Master @Work