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Are you currently seeking for a direction to map up your current life?



Relationship Improvement

Do you have a relationship issue or seeking to improve current relationship?

Unsolved Character Issues

Life is full of challenges and many of those challenges are created internally before it manifests out. Peel of your own character to understand more and to improve from it.

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Addressing Modern Life and Business Issues Utilising Ancient Chinese Methods Reading and Frameworks

Good Teacher

Besides bazi reading and home fengshui, he also does a great job with related services such as choosing names and teaching classes!

-Ashlynna Ng-

It is Yijing!

I have heard about Yijing since my days in hometown. But this is the first time I encountered a real Yijing person who helped me read into my problem and gave me practical solution to improve myself. And he so spot on.

-Eileen Tan-

Very Thorough

One thing I must say is they are very thorough in their reading analysis. At the start they told me that they always treat the client like how they would like they be treated by the the consultant. Take with you what is useful for you, this is what he said. I like their approach.

-Andy Tan-


This is the second time I engaged a Fengshui Master. This Master system is very different. He worked on my flat for 7 hours! from my house surrounding until my inside my house. Very detailed. Very careful. Very recommended.


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